Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

If you’re a motorcycle rider, you probably have a lot of questions about your insurance. Our team at All Around Insurance Agency can help Katy, TX area cyclists like you better understand your policy and ensure that you have the best overall option for your needs.

Do Helmets Really Help With Insurance?

If you regularly wear a helmet (especially in states where it’s required), your policy may consider you a safer driver. That means you might get discounts on your insurance, though that varies depending on the provider. As a result, it’s a smart idea to seriously consider wearing helmets regularly. 

What Gets Covered?

Things as diverse as liability problems (hospital bills and repair expenses you cause) as well as comprehensive motorcycle repairs all get covered in your policy. Note that there are many variations to consider here, as many policies might have limitations based on a provider’s needs.

Is It Difference Than Auto Policies?

Your motorcycle insurance covers the same basic things as your auto policy but is focused specifically on bikes. The costs are also quite different, as are the various differences between policies. As a result, you need to make sure you do your research and identify one that makes sense for you.

What Actions Can Affect My Policy?

If you drink, do drugs, drive while tired, or do any other harmful acts, you might seriously affect your insurance. For example, you might not get protection from some types of policies due to your dangerous driving, though your policy will still pay third-party needs. 

We Are Here To Help

Are you ready to get the high-quality support that you need for your motorcycle insurance policy? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at All Around Insurance Agency to learn more. We serve the Katy, TX area and are looking forward to helping you and others get the support that they need.