What You Should Know About Boat Insurance for Unique Vessels

Not all boats in Katy, TX are the same, and not everyone owns a typical sailboat or powerboat. If you own a classic boat, yacht, or high-performance vessel, you may want to consider boat insurance for your unique vessel rather than something generic. At All Around Insurance Agency, we can help you figure out how to tailor your boat insurance to your unique vessel.

Why You Need Boat Insurance for Your Unique Vessel?

When you have a unique vessel, having insurance becomes even more of an important consideration. Boat insurance helps cover you financially for things that can happen with your boat such as accidents, vandalism, theft, and other perils depending on your coverage details. Boat insurance also helps you with liability if your boat is the cause of an injury or damage to someone else’s property.

Unique vessels usually have special attributes or features that change their valuation in various ways. Those features and attributes may not have coverage under the typical boat insurance policy. For example:

  • Classic boats have a rarity or significance that increases their value.
  • Yachts tend to have more advanced equipment, features, amenities, and parts that typical boats don’t.
  • High-performance or tuned boats have equipment and performance enhancements that increase both value and risk.

In each of these examples, owners of such vessels will need to consider coverage that encompasses and protects the additional attributes that come with the boats.

If you have no boat insurance, you have no financial protection if anything happens. Costs associated with boat accidents of any sort can skyrocket out of control. If you have typical boat insurance, you may have some coverage, but that coverage may not extend to any of the additional attributes your unique vessel contains. The answer is to seek personalized boat insurance options for your unique vessel that consider those unique attributes.

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