How To Prevent Flood Damage to Your Home

You know how devastating it can be if you’ve been through a flood. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but being prepared can help you prevent some of the more severe damage from flooding in the first place.

The most significant mistake people in Katy, TX make when it comes to flooding is assuming it will never happen to them. All Around Insurance Agency has gathered some FEMA-approved tips to help you prepare for the worst. 

How To Prevent Flood Damage to Your Home

Outside Flood Prep

Keep your drainage and runoff systems in good working order. Regularly clean out gutters and downspouts—repair any damaged downspouts or drainage systems. Also, check nearby drainage dites or storm drains for debris.

Raise your utilities and service equipment. Keep them well anchored. Outdoor fuel tanks should be anchored to the ground or concrete. Make sure filling and ventilation systems are elevated above the tank.

Increase the pervious area of your yard. Add mulch, gravel, or porous materials to your yard to help water soak into the ground. Impervious surfaces like concrete or asphalt allow water to run off instead of soaking into the ground, which can quickly overwhelm drainage systems.

Inside Flood Prep

Move valuables, documents, and other items that aren’t waterproof to higher ground. Everything should be in waterproof containers or a waterproof barrier, such as a tarp. It’s also a good idea to move any electronic items, such as a computer or TV, to higher ground.

Prevent sewer backups by installing backflow valves on all sinks, tubs, and showers. A backflow valve is a device that prevents water from flowing in more than one direction.

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