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Renters Insurance in Texas

Renting a home or apartment in the Katy, TX area is something that many residents are taking advantage of as they jumpstart their careers or make a move to a new place. While you are renting and deciding where the best place is to plant permanent roots, you should have that additional protection for your personal property and belongings with renter’s insurance.

Personal Property Protection

This policy is designed to protect the personal property of a tenant when they are renting a property. When you create your renters' insurance policy, you outline the different belongings you own, including the following:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances that you supplied
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Other valuable items

Anything that you own with any value should be outlined on your policy in the event of a tragedy where they are damaged and need to be replaced.

Types of Events Where Renters Insurance Is Needed

Some natural disasters, excluding flooding, can damage the home or apartment you are renting and further damage your belongings. It would be best if you spoke with your agent directly to determine which natural disasters qualify. Other disasters such as an accidental fire in the apartment building or the home can destroy all of your belongings, leaving you to replace them.

Unfortunately, another tragic event where the home is victim to theft and vandalism can also leave you needing to replace or repair your personal property. With renter’s insurance, you have the financial assistance you need to replace these items.

Relocation Coverage

If the property you are renting needs repair and restoration, you can use your renters' insurance for relocation coverage expenses while you are displaced from your home. These expenses are unexpected and not your fault, so your insurance coverage will reimburse you for these traveling costs and the cost of a hotel room while your home is being renovated.

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