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Flood Insurance in Texas

When it comes to protecting your home, you must have the right kinds of insurance coverage options. Yes, you likely already have some form of homeowner's insurance for your house. It probably came packaged into your mortgage when you purchased the house. All of that is good, but do you know what coverage actually is included? If you don't, you need to double-check because chances are it does not include flood insurance. This puts you at risk of spending thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in possible repairs if your home is flooded (not including any mold removal you might need to spring for). So, if you don't have flood insurance or are interested in shopping around for different home insurance and live around Katy, TX, our Texas staff here at All Around Insurance Agency wants to do what we can to connect you with flood insurance protection.

Flooding Is More than Just Water

Water can be especially damaging to your home. With flooding, it is so much more than simply removing the water and repairing anything that might have become saturated with the water (such as wood or carpeting). There's a good chance you'll need to bring in mold removal professionals because once mold develops, it will spread, and it is potentially dangerous to your help. That's why you need flood insurance.

Protect Your Home with Flood Insurance

Flooding happens. You might actually be surprised as to just how frequently it does happen. Yes, it can happen from an intense storm, but it can come from a burst pipe or even from the fire department's water to put out a fire. Accidents happen, but you need to be prepared for these accidents. At All Around Insurance Agency, we will not stop until you're properly protected. If you live around Katy, TX, and own a home (or are considering purchasing one), and you want to find out if flood insurance is right for you, give us a call today. We'll help take care of the rest.