Four Ways To Secure Customer Data

As a business owner, you are responsible for protecting the identity and information you gather from your clients. Below are four ways to secure this information and avoid any misuse in your company. 

1. Install Appropriate Firewalls and Internet Security

With any business system utilizing technology and gathering client data, firewalls and internet security must be established to protect network access. The best way to prevent hackers and others not part of the company is to limit their access to the network where the data is stored. 

2. Maintain Regular Updates

Updates and maintenance will be required to keep this system running properly. Stay ahead of the other updates to keep your system protected. If you lag in updates at any point, you could expose customer data and cause an unnecessary crisis. With your IT team or professional, you can identify when it’s time to have an update and run that process when the network isn’t being accessed. 

3. Establish Regular Data Audits

The best way to ensure you stay ahead of the proper precautions and updates is to participate in regular data audits. At least each quarter, review your stored data and determine what isn’t useful. Properly disposing of unnecessary data will have less data running the risk of being exposed and allow you to know what’s best for data collection from your customers. 

4. Reduce Access to Customer Data

Not all employees need access to customer data, so it should be limited to the need-to-know group and reduce access to this information. Management and administration should only access The most fragile information, especially if the data isn’t necessary for other employees to do their jobs. Keeping this information secured means less chance of it being exposed and misused. 

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Business Interruption Insurance: Safeguarding Your Company’s Continuity

If you own a business in the greater Katy, TX region, you know the importance of keeping things running smoothly. However, unexpected events may occur and disrupt your business operations, which may harm your financial stability. All Around Insurance Agency provides information on business interruption insurance, its functionality, and why it’s necessary to ensure your company’s continuity.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance, alternatively referred to as business income insurance, is a form of protection designed to aid businesses in mitigating financial losses caused by unforeseen circumstances that hamper regular operations. Insurance can help financially support your business by covering expenses like rent, payroll, and other ongoing costs to keep your business running. This coverage is typically a part of commercial property insurance policies but can also be bought separately.

Amount of Coverage

To figure out the required coverage amount, consider the possible losses that can occur if your business needs to shut down temporarily. Those losses comprise not only the revenue lost but also expenses associated with relocation and the duration needed to restart your business.

Maintain Your Reputation

Business interruption insurance not only protects your finances but also helps uphold your company’s reputation. When unexpected events prevent you from meeting deadlines or fulfilling customer orders, your customers may lose trust in your ability to deliver.

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As a business owner in Katy, TX, it’s essential to protect your company’s continuity against unexpected events that could disrupt your operations. Business interruption insurance can help you do just that by providing financial support to cover expenses and allow you to continue operating your business. Call All Around Insurance Agency to find the right coverage for your business and ensure that you’re prepared for any disruptions that may arise.

How Commercial Insurance Can Help During a Power Outage

As business owners in Katy, TX, know, power outages can impact their operations. It’s essential to have an emergency plan for when the lights go out — including having the right commercial insurance coverage. All Around Insurance Agency provides the information you need to protect your business during any power outage.

What Kind of Damage Can Occur During a Power Outage?

Power outages disrupt operations and can cause significant damage to a business’s property — significantly if the outage extends beyond just a few hours. Depending on the duration of the blackout and other factors, companies may suffer from costly damage such as spoiled perishable goods, lost revenue because of disruption of services, equipment malfunctions due to lack of power, or even an entire facility shut down if there are no backup generators to keep things running.

How Does Commercial Insurance Help?

The right commercial insurance coverage minimizes losses during a power outage. Commercial liability insurance helps cover costs associated with damages caused by third parties’ negligence or recklessness. Business interruption insurance covers lost income because of temporary shutdowns resulting from unforeseen disasters such as fires or power outages.

Finally, property damage insurance helps protect against damage incurred by the physical destruction of property or equipment related to a covered loss, such as fire or wind damage, that may occur during an extended power outage.

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Businesses in Katy, TX need to be prepared for potential power outages to minimize losses while ensuring continued operations throughout any interruption in service. Access to commercial liability, business interruption, and property damage insurance policies is essential for protecting your business against costly damages that can occur during an extended period without electricity.

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Commercial Blanket Insurance: FAQs

Do you own multiple commercial properties? If so, it can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and confusing to insure these properties separately. One effective way to insure all of your properties is to purchase blanket insurance from an insurance agency like All Around Insurance Agency, serving Katy, TX. This type of insurance offers a much wider level of protection that helps to reduce your overall risk and liability and minimize losses. Let’s learn more about commercial blanket insurance.

How Does a Commercial Blanket Policy Work?

Blanket insurance provides business owners with the opportunity to purchase one policy that offers protection for all of their individual locations, as opposed to a separate policy for every location. However, it is important to understand that this is only available if your buildings are similar in nature and function.

For example, if you own several restaurants, a commercial blanket policy will provide protection for all locations. However, if you own a car wash as well, then this form of insurance protection may not be available.

Further, the maximum amount that can be paid out by your insurance company will be divided among all insured commercial properties.

What Does a Commercial Blanket Policy Cover?

Insurance coverage tends to take effect if there is any covered loss associated with any of your business properties. This may include damage due to a flood, fire, theft, etc. As a general rule, the coverage you have will be broader with a blanket policy as opposed to a single policy.

If you believe that your businesses can benefit from a commercial blanket insurance policy, reach out to our team of professional insurance agents at All Around Insurance Agency. We have been providing a variety of commercial coverage to Katy, TX business owners and would love to add you into the mix. Contact us today for a quote.

Required Commercial Insurance in Texas

When you have a business of any size in Texas, there are certain insurance policies that you have to have to stay legal. In addition to this, other types of insurance are highly recommended for business owners. If you need to insure your business, or you want to add a policy, call us at All Around Insurance Agency in Katy, TX to talk to an agent.

Commercial Auto Insurance 

Every Texas vehicle that is owned by a business must have a commercial auto insurance policy. If you try to put a personal auto policy on one of these vehicles, the chances are that it won’t pay out in the event of an accident. This puts your business at risk of liability and enormous medical and property damage bills. With a commercial policy, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the right policy and that an accident that happens will be covered. Texas has a mandatory minimum amount of coverage for the bodily injury liability of one person in an accident, a higher minimum amount for all of the bodily injury liability from the accident, and a set minimum amount for the amount of property damage coverage for an accident. 

If your business does not own your vehicle, but you use it for some business tasks, a personal auto insurance policy is unlikely to pay out for an accident as well. Instead, you need a policy called hired and non-owned coverage. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Unlike most other states, Texas does not have a workers’ compensation insurance policy mandated. However, it’s a good idea to get workers’ comp coverage to protect your employees and your business. Today’s medical bills are increasing all the time, and it would be up to your business to pay for all of the medical bills if a worker were to get hurt or develop an illness while at work. With this insurance type, the medical bills and lost wages can be paid by the insurance company. If your company does business for the government, this kind of coverage is required. 

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