How to Choose a Flood Insurance Policy in Katy, TX

Some things are obvious: If you’re in a floodplain, you need flood insurance. But other things are less obvious: Even if you are not in a floodplain, you can still have a flood. Sure, the chances of it happening on a large scale may be smaller than if you lived in a floodplain, but it can and does still happen!

Learn from History

The residents of Redstone and Aspen, Colorado never thought they would experience a life-threatening flood either, until one day in 2013, it happened. Thousands of acres of land, mountainsides, and farms were washed away in the span of a few hours. 

It never starts fast. It begins slowly and builds up over time. Then, before you know it, towns are washed away.

Those who think it can never happen haven’t lived long enough to know that it can!

Who to Ask?

In Katy, your All Around Insurance Agency can protect you from the unforeseen flooding that happens due to factors that it is hard to predict. Winter thaws, rising creeks and rivers, and all sorts of other things can come together in a short time to produce a dangerous flood. Another factor causing severe flooding is the incidence of hurricanes near the southern part of Texas.

Where is Katy, TX?

It is located just a few miles west of Houston and is close to the Brazos River, as well as a number of smaller creeks and inlets that could rise to flood levels if a large amount of water was involved.

Hurricanes that affect the Houston area often travel north and west and can slam into Katy, TX quite easily with what is left of the force of the original storm.

Why take a chance? Visit with the folks at All Around Insurance Agency and be ready when the unforeseen happens!