I have a 5th wheel. Do I need RV insurance?

Diversified Categories of Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles come in various forms—some motorized, some not. The laws dictating the need for RV insurance hinge primarily on whether or not your RV is motorized. Motorized RVs are still classed as vehicles but essentially homes on wheels. Our All Around Insurance Agency team is committed to helping Katy, TX RV owners secure the coverage they need.

Exploring the Concept of RV Insurance

RV insurance provides coverage against theft, property damage, natural catastrophes, windshield damage, liability, and accidents. Just like car insurance, there are different categories of coverage for RVs. If your RV is motorized, you must carry liability insurance since it is a moving vehicle. However, if your recreational vehicle is non-motorized, your auto insurance should offer tow insurance to cover your RV. Further, non-motorized RVs are not under the same purview of laws as their motorized counterparts. Moreover, insurance is typically a prerequisite if you’re opting for financing for a recreational vehicle, whether motorized or not.

Insurance Needs for a Fifth Wheel

Due to its non-motorized nature, your car’s towing insurance usually covers a fifth wheel. This means your auto insurance’s RV liability coverage also includes your fifth wheel. State laws necessitate that the towing vehicle incorporate RV liability insurance to cover any damages or injuries caused by the fifth wheel while on roads and highways. The vehicle towing the fifth wheel must carry liability coverage applicable when the fifth wheel is being towed. If you have doubts about the level of coverage needed for your RV, make sure to contact us. We’re here to guide you as you explore your options.