Commercial Blanket Insurance: FAQs

Do you own multiple commercial properties? If so, it can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and confusing to insure these properties separately. One effective way to insure all of your properties is to purchase blanket insurance from an insurance agency like All Around Insurance Agency, serving Katy, TX. This type of insurance offers a much wider level of protection that helps to reduce your overall risk and liability and minimize losses. Let’s learn more about commercial blanket insurance.

How Does a Commercial Blanket Policy Work?

Blanket insurance provides business owners with the opportunity to purchase one policy that offers protection for all of their individual locations, as opposed to a separate policy for every location. However, it is important to understand that this is only available if your buildings are similar in nature and function.

For example, if you own several restaurants, a commercial blanket policy will provide protection for all locations. However, if you own a car wash as well, then this form of insurance protection may not be available.

Further, the maximum amount that can be paid out by your insurance company will be divided among all insured commercial properties.

What Does a Commercial Blanket Policy Cover?

Insurance coverage tends to take effect if there is any covered loss associated with any of your business properties. This may include damage due to a flood, fire, theft, etc. As a general rule, the coverage you have will be broader with a blanket policy as opposed to a single policy.

If you believe that your businesses can benefit from a commercial blanket insurance policy, reach out to our team of professional insurance agents at All Around Insurance Agency. We have been providing a variety of commercial coverage to Katy, TX business owners and would love to add you into the mix. Contact us today for a quote.