4 Benefits of Renters Insurance

Most people buy insurance to protect valuable items like boats and vehicles. However, they overlook one crucial insurance called renter’s insurance — an essential investment for everyone who rents apartments, homes, or condos. It’s a policy that can protect your valuables in the event of theft or fire. If you think your landlord’s insurance will cover you in such incidences, then you are wrong. Protecting your personal property is your headache.

To that end, if you have never considered renters insurance, perhaps this is the time. If you purchase renters’ insurance from All Around Insurance Agency, you will enjoy the following benefits.

Personal property protection

If you conducted an inventory count on your personal belongings, you would be surprised by their worth. Investing in renters’ insurance assures your possessions’ protection in case of disaster.

Liability protection

If you host guests in your rented apartment, then you need to consider renters insurance. A lot can happen in your apartment — your pet can bite, and accidents can happen, attracting heavy liability claims. If such incidences occur, you will be glad you invested in renters’ insurance. 

Covers additional living expenses

If a covered peril resulted in your home becoming uninhabitable, you would be thankful you had renters’ insurance. Renters insurance kicks in and caters for a temporary living place as your home undergoes repairs.

Peace of mind

Nothing beats your peace of mind. Without renters’ insurance, you will be responsible for all the damages that may arise after a mishap in your apartment. Renters insurance is that safety net that offers you peace of mind knowing it got your back.

Renters insurance in Katy, TX

Whether you’ve rented an apartment or a condo, you need renters’ insurance to enjoy the above benefits. If you are in Katy, TX and its environs, look no further than All Around Insurance Agency for an affordable renter’s insurance quote.