Classic Car Insurance Vs Regular Insurance: What’s the Difference?

For all roadsters and those involved in the classic car clubs across America, there are a few things to know before getting classic car insurance in Katy, TX and all around the state. Most states follow the same laws regarding classics and getting them insured. 

A classic vehicle is defined as any vehicle older than 25 years after manufacturing. Having the same insurance or coverage as newer model cars is not required. However, there are unique options that insurance companies can offer that suit the owner’s needs.    

Owners with Regular Vehicle Insurance

Most everyone needs a vehicle to get from one location to another. Many drive daily for work or personal needs, making the vehicle the primary vehicle. Insurance companies look at how much the car is on the road and estimate how many miles a vehicle will cover in one year to determine the underwriting of the policy. Liability is necessary, while comp and collision are optional unless the car is financed.  

Having Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are not the primary vehicles for use and are mainly used for showing or taking out for a joyride. Premiums are not as high because the car is not driven for long distances. Like regular insurance, liability is necessary, but the rules are not as strict. Most of the time, these vehicles are primarily for show. The time spent on the road makes it less of a hazard as some states only allow the car to go on the road no more than once a week. 

All Around Insurance Agency Can Cover Classic Car Insurance

At All Around Insurance Agency, we can offer classic car insurance and most of your insurance needs. Contact us for more information concerning your classic car coverage for Katy, TX and surrounding areas.