Raising Safe Drivers: 3 Things to Teach Your Teen Driver

The first time your teen gets behind the wheel can be an exciting and scary time. Will they anticipate the mistakes of other drivers? Will they be distracted by their friends? Will they stay safe on the road? Teaching your teen these five things – which are often overlooked during the learning-to-drive phase – can help keep your young driver safe on the road. Here are some tips we at All Around Insurance Agency recommend for Katy, TX drivers.

3 Things to Teach Your Teen Driver

#1 – Anticipate the Errors of Others

Teach your teen driver that many accidents occur because of the mistakes of other drivers and teach them to drive defensively. Tips for defensive driving include: 

  • Stay alert. Be aware of the motorists around you and keep an eye out for unusual behavior, like crossing the midline, speeding, running red lights, or erratic behavior. Stay far away from vehicles showing signs of aggressive or unpredictable driving.
  • Check your side and rearview mirrors frequently so you know what’s going on behind you and are able to respond accordingly. 
  • Keep your own speed down, drive within posted speed limits, and maintain a 3-4 second distance between you and any vehicle in front of you. This gives you enough time to react to changes in front of you in good conditions. Increase that distance if you have to drive in poor conditions.

#2 – Limit Distractions

Distracted driving caused 3,142 deaths in 2019 alone. Teach your teen to avoid being distracted by driving by focusing only on the road while they’re behind the wheel. They should avoid eating, using their cell phone, or visiting with friends while operating their vehicle. Some parents don’t allow their teens to drive with friends in the vehicle until they’ve been licensed for at least a year to help limit distractions. 

#3 – Assume Some Financial Responsibility

When your teen driver assumes some of the financial responsibility for their vehicle, they may be more likely to make safe driving decisions. Whether they help pay for the vehicle, the maintenance, or the insurance, having some skin in the game reinforces the expense involved in vehicle ownership and drives responsible driving.

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