How Umbrella Insurance Works

When you already have an auto insurance policy as well as a home policy, an umbrella policy can help you to be better covered. This insurance covers you when you need extra coverage but don’t want to pay high prices for it. It’s a cost-effective way to get the coverage you need to save yourself a lot of money after a serious accident. When you’re interested in getting umbrella insurance, call us at All Around Insurance Agency in Katy, TX.

Umbrella Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

Low-Cost Liability Coverage

Both home and auto insurance policies come with liability coverage, but it often doesn’t have very much. That means that if a serious accident happens, the liability coverage may not be enough to pay for all of the bills due. The costs of medical bills and lost wages can be extremely high, and when you don’t have enough coverage to pay them, there is an overall that you have to pay. The liability coverage that you get with umbrella insurance is enough to cover those overages so that you don’t have to pay them. And, it costs much less to cover yourself with umbrella insurance than it does to add more liability coverage to your home and auto policies.

How It Works

The first policy to pay after your accident is your home or auto policy. It will pay up until it reaches its maximum. After that, the umbrella policy will come in and pay what is left over. Umbrella policies have very high maximum payouts, so it’s rare for there to be any overage after they have paid. This leaves you far better covered in case of expensive accidents. 

Get More Liability Coverage

When you want to be better protected against accidents, umbrella insurance may be the answer. Call us at All Around Insurance Agency in Katy, TX.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying RV Insurance

If you’re planning to hit the open road in an RV, there’s one important thing you need to take care of before setting out on your adventure: insurance. Just like your car, your RV will need to be properly insured to protect you from financial liability in the event of an accident.

But what exactly does RV insurance cover? And how much will it cost? All Around Insurance Agency in Katy, TX provides this guide to help you plan your RV insurance coverage.

RV Insurance: What You Need To Know

1. What Does it Cover?

Most basic RV insurance policies will cover liability, which means that if you cause an accident, your insurer will help pay for the damages. This generally includes both property damage (like repairs to other vehicles) and bodily injury (medical bills for you and other people involved in the accident).

In addition to liability coverage, many RV insurance policies also include comprehensive and collision coverage, which will help pay to repair or replace your RV if it’s damaged in an accident. You may also want to consider adding on other types of coverage, like personal belongings insurance, which will help protect the contents of your RV if they’re damaged, lost, or stolen.

2. How Much Does RV Insurance Cost?

The cost of RV insurance varies depending on several factors, including the value of your RV, the type of coverage you’re looking for, and where you live. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per year for basic RV insurance coverage.

3. There are Different Types of RV Insurance

There are different types of RV insurance, each with its own benefits. The type of insurance you need will depend on the type and value of your RV, as well as how you plan to use it. For example, if you’re using your RV for occasional weekend getaways, you might not need the same level of coverage as someone who’s living in their RV full-time.

4. You Might Need Specialized RV Insurance Coverage

If you have a particularly valuable RV or plan to use it for business purposes, you might need specialized insurance coverage that’s not included in a basic policy. For example, if you’re using your RV to transport goods or offer services, you’ll need to ensure you have the appropriate commercial insurance coverage. You might also need to insure your RV for its full replacement value if it’s especially valuable or custom-made.

5. Don’t Rush into Buying RV Insurance

While it’s important to have RV insurance before hitting the open road, don’t rush into buying a policy just to get it over with. Take some time to compare different policies and insurers to find the coverage that’s right for you at the best price. 

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How To Prevent Flood Damage to Your Home

You know how devastating it can be if you’ve been through a flood. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but being prepared can help you prevent some of the more severe damage from flooding in the first place.

The most significant mistake people in Katy, TX make when it comes to flooding is assuming it will never happen to them. All Around Insurance Agency has gathered some FEMA-approved tips to help you prepare for the worst. 

How To Prevent Flood Damage to Your Home

Outside Flood Prep

Keep your drainage and runoff systems in good working order. Regularly clean out gutters and downspouts—repair any damaged downspouts or drainage systems. Also, check nearby drainage dites or storm drains for debris.

Raise your utilities and service equipment. Keep them well anchored. Outdoor fuel tanks should be anchored to the ground or concrete. Make sure filling and ventilation systems are elevated above the tank.

Increase the pervious area of your yard. Add mulch, gravel, or porous materials to your yard to help water soak into the ground. Impervious surfaces like concrete or asphalt allow water to run off instead of soaking into the ground, which can quickly overwhelm drainage systems.

Inside Flood Prep

Move valuables, documents, and other items that aren’t waterproof to higher ground. Everything should be in waterproof containers or a waterproof barrier, such as a tarp. It’s also a good idea to move any electronic items, such as a computer or TV, to higher ground.

Prevent sewer backups by installing backflow valves on all sinks, tubs, and showers. A backflow valve is a device that prevents water from flowing in more than one direction.

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Answers to Your Life Insurance Questions

At All Around Insurance Agency serving Katy, TX, we make it our number one priority to provide clients with solid insurance information. You can’t make good insurance choices without accurate answers to your questions. Keep reading to find answers to common life insurance questions.

Life Insurance FAQs

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

This is a common question people ask when they are shopping for life insurance. The amount of coverage you need depends on many different details. The most important consideration will be what the goal of the life insurance policy is. Some families are only hoping to cover final expenses with their policy. While other families expect to replace lost income that will result from a loved one passing. 

To determine the proper amount of life insurance you should purchase, you should sit down with one of our trained insurance agents. This professional will be able to look at your current financial situation and help you determine how much life insurance will meet the goals you have set. 

How Do I Discuss This With My Family?

Many families have a hard time having these types of conversations. Death is never an easy topic. However, it can sometimes be helpful to bring in an insurance agent to participate in this type of conversation. Our agents are trained to help families discuss these important yet challenging topics. It is also helpful to have the insurance agent present because they can answer any questions professionally. 

If you would like to learn more about life insurance, or any of our other insurance services, please contact us at All Around Insurance Agency, serving Katy, TX and the surrounding areas. 

Raising Safe Drivers: 3 Things to Teach Your Teen Driver

The first time your teen gets behind the wheel can be an exciting and scary time. Will they anticipate the mistakes of other drivers? Will they be distracted by their friends? Will they stay safe on the road? Teaching your teen these five things – which are often overlooked during the learning-to-drive phase – can help keep your young driver safe on the road. Here are some tips we at All Around Insurance Agency recommend for Katy, TX drivers.

3 Things to Teach Your Teen Driver

#1 – Anticipate the Errors of Others

Teach your teen driver that many accidents occur because of the mistakes of other drivers and teach them to drive defensively. Tips for defensive driving include: 

  • Stay alert. Be aware of the motorists around you and keep an eye out for unusual behavior, like crossing the midline, speeding, running red lights, or erratic behavior. Stay far away from vehicles showing signs of aggressive or unpredictable driving.
  • Check your side and rearview mirrors frequently so you know what’s going on behind you and are able to respond accordingly. 
  • Keep your own speed down, drive within posted speed limits, and maintain a 3-4 second distance between you and any vehicle in front of you. This gives you enough time to react to changes in front of you in good conditions. Increase that distance if you have to drive in poor conditions.

#2 – Limit Distractions

Distracted driving caused 3,142 deaths in 2019 alone. Teach your teen to avoid being distracted by driving by focusing only on the road while they’re behind the wheel. They should avoid eating, using their cell phone, or visiting with friends while operating their vehicle. Some parents don’t allow their teens to drive with friends in the vehicle until they’ve been licensed for at least a year to help limit distractions. 

#3 – Assume Some Financial Responsibility

When your teen driver assumes some of the financial responsibility for their vehicle, they may be more likely to make safe driving decisions. Whether they help pay for the vehicle, the maintenance, or the insurance, having some skin in the game reinforces the expense involved in vehicle ownership and drives responsible driving.

For your auto insurance needs, visit All Around Insurance Agency in Katy, TX today!

Home Insurance FAQs

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned homeowner in Katy, TX, you need home insurance to protect your prized asset. But because home insurance is broad, sometimes even seasoned homeowners don’t understand its nitty-gritty. As such, you need a knowledgeable insurance agent you can turn to when you need to know more about home insurance. For Katy TX residents, make All Around Insurance Agency your go-to insurance agent for all your home insurance needs.

Since we like empowering our clients with information, we write informative topics from time to time. Today, we are writing about frequently asked questions about home insurance. Hang on for insights about this crucial coverage.

What does home insurance cover?

If you have invested in home insurance, it covers your dwelling and contents inside. Plus, home insurance protects you against liability claims and also provides additional living expenses coverage when your home is rendered unlivable by a covered peril.

How much home insurance should I have?

As a rule of thumb, consider dwelling coverage adequate to rebuild your home from the ground up. Likewise, consider home insurance that can replace your assets in the worst-case scenario. For liability coverage, consider an amount of about $300,000, but if you need higher liability protection, consider umbrella insurance.

What are the typical home insurance exclusions?

While home insurance is great, it doesn’t cover all risks. Typical home insurance doesn’t cover the below:

  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Water damage from sewer backups
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Intentional damage
  • Government actions

Also, high-value items like jewelry enjoy limited protection from home insurance. However, you can consider “add-ons” to boost coverage.

Where can I purchase home insurance in Katy, TX?

Finding the right insurance agent can be frustrating, but this shouldn’t be the case if you opt for All Around Insurance Agency. We always have the interests of our clients at heart and act as your financial advisor to help you choose the right balance for your insurance needs.


Commercial Blanket Insurance: FAQs

Do you own multiple commercial properties? If so, it can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and confusing to insure these properties separately. One effective way to insure all of your properties is to purchase blanket insurance from an insurance agency like All Around Insurance Agency, serving Katy, TX. This type of insurance offers a much wider level of protection that helps to reduce your overall risk and liability and minimize losses. Let’s learn more about commercial blanket insurance.

How Does a Commercial Blanket Policy Work?

Blanket insurance provides business owners with the opportunity to purchase one policy that offers protection for all of their individual locations, as opposed to a separate policy for every location. However, it is important to understand that this is only available if your buildings are similar in nature and function.

For example, if you own several restaurants, a commercial blanket policy will provide protection for all locations. However, if you own a car wash as well, then this form of insurance protection may not be available.

Further, the maximum amount that can be paid out by your insurance company will be divided among all insured commercial properties.

What Does a Commercial Blanket Policy Cover?

Insurance coverage tends to take effect if there is any covered loss associated with any of your business properties. This may include damage due to a flood, fire, theft, etc. As a general rule, the coverage you have will be broader with a blanket policy as opposed to a single policy.

If you believe that your businesses can benefit from a commercial blanket insurance policy, reach out to our team of professional insurance agents at All Around Insurance Agency. We have been providing a variety of commercial coverage to Katy, TX business owners and would love to add you into the mix. Contact us today for a quote.

4 Benefits of Renters Insurance

Most people buy insurance to protect valuable items like boats and vehicles. However, they overlook one crucial insurance called renter’s insurance — an essential investment for everyone who rents apartments, homes, or condos. It’s a policy that can protect your valuables in the event of theft or fire. If you think your landlord’s insurance will cover you in such incidences, then you are wrong. Protecting your personal property is your headache.

To that end, if you have never considered renters insurance, perhaps this is the time. If you purchase renters’ insurance from All Around Insurance Agency, you will enjoy the following benefits.

Personal property protection

If you conducted an inventory count on your personal belongings, you would be surprised by their worth. Investing in renters’ insurance assures your possessions’ protection in case of disaster.

Liability protection

If you host guests in your rented apartment, then you need to consider renters insurance. A lot can happen in your apartment — your pet can bite, and accidents can happen, attracting heavy liability claims. If such incidences occur, you will be glad you invested in renters’ insurance. 

Covers additional living expenses

If a covered peril resulted in your home becoming uninhabitable, you would be thankful you had renters’ insurance. Renters insurance kicks in and caters for a temporary living place as your home undergoes repairs.

Peace of mind

Nothing beats your peace of mind. Without renters’ insurance, you will be responsible for all the damages that may arise after a mishap in your apartment. Renters insurance is that safety net that offers you peace of mind knowing it got your back.

Renters insurance in Katy, TX

Whether you’ve rented an apartment or a condo, you need renters’ insurance to enjoy the above benefits. If you are in Katy, TX and its environs, look no further than All Around Insurance Agency for an affordable renter’s insurance quote. 

Is motorcycle insurance a necessity?

All Around Insurance Agency in Katy, TX offers insurance policies that help to protect your motorcycle, scooter, or trike. Whether it is your primary mode of transport or not, the insurance company covers you in case of an accident. Accidents can be fatal at times. Because they are unpredictable, it would be far more expensive to pay cash from your pocket to cater for all the bills when an accident occurs. Most residents in Katy, TX consider motorcycle transport fast and very flexible, but it comes with inherent risks. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. Please speak with our agents at All Round Insurance Agency and get outstanding motorcycle insurance that matches your needs and lifestyle.

Is Motorcycle Insurance a Necessity?

Motorcycle insurance is a necessity in Katy, TX. Most states recommend motorcycle owners to have an insurance policy. All Around Insurance Agency provides coverages for your motorcycle, which will enable you to drive legally on the roads in Katy TX. It is necessary to have motorcycle insurance for the following reasons:

  1. It is a legal requirement. In Katy, TX you will be aligned with the law if you have motorcycle insurance. You will be safe from fines charged by the traffic police. As a citizen, obedience to the law is a necessity.
  2. It protects your assets. Purchasing a motorcycle is expensive. Therefore, it is a valuable asset. Losing it is a total loss. Hence, the All-Around Insurance Agency helps to protect the loss. They come through to replace or repair it in case of an accident.
  3. It offers liability protection. In case someone is injured, or their property is damaged, and you are at fault, the All-Around Insurance Agency comes through and covers for their medical bills and replacement or repair of their asset. However, your medical and asset bills are not included in the liability protection.
  4. It instills peace of mind. You feel at ease knowing that you do not have to fish your savings to pay the bills in case of an accident, which could be very expensive.
  5. It provides medical payment coverage. If you get hurt due to an accident with your motorcycle, the All-Around Insurance Agency comes through for your medical bills.

Are you a motorcycle owner or rider in Katy, TX? Please call or visit All Around Insurance Agency and get motorcycle insurance policies at an affordable fee. Start your insurance journey with us.

Do I Need Boat Insurance in Katy, TX?

Picture this: it’s a beautiful hot day, and you are cruising in the waters with soft music playing in the background. From your boat, you can see the stunning sceneries that Texas State has to offer. That’s the dream, right? Nothing tops exploring the waters with your boat.

But hold on. Before you get there, you need to think about boat insurance from the All Around Insurance Agency of Katy, TX. Yes, if you want to have peace of mind in the waters, let boat insurance float with you.   

If you have been boating without watercraft insurance, here are the reasons you should give boat insurance a second look. 

Physical damage coverage

Your boat can sustain damage while on the water, in the garage, or when being towed. Thankfully, collision and comprehensive coverages pay you for damages to your boat resulting from perils like collisions, fire, theft, vandalism, and natural calamities. 

Liability coverage

When using your boat, you can cause physical damage or bodily injuries to third parties. Without boat insurance, you may have to incur out-of-pocket expenses to cover third-party liability claims. However, when you have invested in boat insurance, such liabilities don’t have to worry you so much.

Medical costs coverage

If you or your passengers incur physical injuries in a boating accident, your boat insurance caters for medical expenses, regardless of who is responsible for the accident. This coverage shields you from worrying about medical costs instead of focusing on your recovery.

It may be required

While boat insurance isn’t mandatory in Texas, your lender may require you to purchase basic boat insurance to protect their financial interests.

Buy boat insurance today in Katy, TX!

Whether you own sailing, fishing, or personal watercraft, you need boat insurance from the All Around Insurance Agency to protect your investment. Ready to get started? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a competitive quote.